iPhone 6 with glass borders, curved display, glowing logo and more?

Even though the web is full of photos of iPhone 6 mock-ups, we all know these are based on the leaked schematics we saw months ago, and not really something that came out of a Foxconn assembly plant. Prototypes evolve, as we learned with devices like the iPhone 5, and clearly Apple has months until the final release of the iPhone 6 in order to polish the final design. If you’re wondering what additional polish is missing, rumors already point to what to expect.

Leaks from trusted sources in Japan point to major changes, starting with the plastic borders we currently see. The report claims that these plastic areas are really just spots where Apple directs manufacturers to cut the aluminum. These areas will be molded with glass in order to ensure antenna reception.

An odd report is that we’ll apparently also have a glowing Apple logo in the back, which even though common on Apple’s MacBook line-up, is completely new to its iOS offerings. We do notice that the logo will be carved, though again, it’s hard to predict if it’ll be built with non-glowing glass like the previous iPad line-up, or glowing glass.

The report ends with more rumors of Apple adopting a curved-glass display for the iPhone 6. So far, those of us that have used the LG G Flex have been disappointed with its display quality, but it seems that Apple has figured something out. Obviously since the schematics don’t reveal a curved iPhone, this is the rumor that’s hardest to believe. Still it would make sense for Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6, and it could be something that just hasn’t been leaked.

Apple is rumored to launch the iPhone 6 in September, and if the rumors are true, this could be the biggest departure in design that we’ve ever seen.

Source: Nikkei
Via: Cult of Mac

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