iPhone 6 display resolutions confirmed with microscope test?

Apple wasn’t the first company to focus on giving us sharp displays, as we do remember the old days of HTC, and its development of WVGA displays. Still, we can’t ignore how significant it was for Apple to bring the Retina Display to the iPhone 4, and the trend that begun after that launch. One of the biggest questions we have with the iPhone 6 is what screen resolution Apple plans to bring to the table, and some conflicting rumors claim to know what we should expect.

Let’s start by clarifying that we have two different sources claiming two different screen resolutions. On one side, Feld & Volk claims that its microscopic tests reveal a display resolution of 1704 x 960, which is significantly bigger than the current 1136 x 640 that we find on the iPhone 5s. The display size wasn’t confirmed, but if we were talking about the 4.7-inch model, this would bump the pixel density from the current 326PPI to 416PPI.

By contrast, sources to Macrumors claim that the screen resolution is actually 1472 x 828, which in pixel density would amount to 360PPI, and that would still fall within Apple’s “Retina Display” limits. This rumor agrees with other Xcode sources found by 9to5Mac as well. It could be that both sources have different prototypes and only one is final, or it could be that the higher screen resolution belongs to the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6. If that were the case, that 1704 x 960 display would give us a pixel density of 355PPI, something almost identical to what the 4.7-inch model would have.

At this point it’s hard to confirm what will be the case. We are more inclined to the second hypothesis, and where both devices would have similar pixel densities on separate display resolutions. We’ll know more about this on September 9th, the rumored date for Apple’s iPhone 6 event.

Source: Feld & Volk, Macrumors, 9to5Mac
Via: Redmond Pie

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