Being the smartphone-obsessive types that we are, we’ve seen more than a few cameras in our day that stick out from the handset’s body. Those range from the exaggerated, like the old Nokia 808 PureView, to the minimal, like on the Nexus 5. This year, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both sport some cameras that protrude a bit from the phones’ back panels. On the grand scale of things, the bump is minimal – much more in line with the Nexus 5 than the 808. So why, then, does Apple appear to be going to some lengths to obscure the presence of that raised lens?

Looking at most of the imagery Apple has made available on its own site, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are clearly depicted with that camera bump – so long as the phone is being viewed from the back. But in every single one of the profile views we’ve come across, Apple is showing these phones as completely flat – not even a hint of bump.

As much as we enjoy smartphones that look sleek, we know that manufacturers aren’t giving their phones raised cameras on a whim – this is the sacrifice you make to cram-in all that advanced imaging hardware – so why not embrace it? The bump generally means you didn’t settle for a second-rate camera, so there’s little shame in acknowledging its presence. On the contrary, seeing Apple attempt to edit the iPhone 6 camera bump out of existence is only drawing negative attention.

Only in rear views like this one does Apple emphasize the iPhone 6’s raised camera.

Source: Apple
Via: phoneArena

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