We’re just coming off getting a look at a possible iPhone 6 frame component yesterday, and now we’ve already got another rumor to check out about what Apple’s up to with this new hardware, this time asking the question of what’s going on with the iPhone 6’s camera.

While Apple’s been staying at the eight-megapixel mark for a while now, there had been the suggestion that it was finally feeling pressure to bump that figure up a little, presumably in response to so many 13MP flagships from other OEMs last year.

Instead, we hear that rumors out of Taiwan are now claiming that Apple will be returning to the 8MP camp for the iPhone 6. That’s not to say that it won’t be delivering important improvements – indeed, the big one with the iPhone 6 could be some overdue optical stabilization, versus the software-based system Apple currently employs.

While apparently this rumor is causing investors in component suppliers to freak out, it doesn’t sound that bad to us. After all, the important thing is image quality, not how many pixels it packs, and by-and-large Apple’s always delivered in that area; even staying at 8MP, we have no reason to expect the iPhone 6 will suddenly start letting us down.

Source: The China Post
Via: 9to5 Mac

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