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Are your jeans ruining your iPhone 6?

By Stephen Schenck October 22, 2014, 3:57 pm

With the indignity of “bendgate” having already faded into the background of smartphone news, it was only a matter of time before some new issue (however minor) popped up with Apple’s latest smartphones. Would the camera spontaneously catch on fire? The entire phone start reeking of sulfur two months into ownership? You laugh, but the truth isn’t much further off, as word of the latest iPhone 6 “controversy” hits our desk, with users reporting handsets picking up discoloration from their blue jeans.

The problem seems to be the plastic piping running along the iPhone 6’s edges and along the back. As if these lines hadn’t attracted enough criticism due to their aesthetics, now owners are claiming that as they carry the phone in their pockets (again with the pockets!) the dye in their jeans is transferring over to these plastic bits, staining the phone off-blue in the process.


Accounts of attempts to get Apple to help with this situation have reportedly been met with advice to carefully try scrubbing the bluish stain away, but that doesn’t seem to get all the color off. The discoloration, at least in the pics we’ve seen, appears to be minor, but try telling that to someone who just dropped $650 on a new phone.

Who’s to blame here? Jean makers for not making their products color-fast? Apple for using a plastic on the iPhone 6 that’s permeable enough to let jeans’ indigo dye affect it in this manner? In Apple’s defense, it’s not the first smartphone maker to have its products unintentionally pick up some errant dye like this, but we’re not sure that explanation’s going to cut it for owners of suddenly-blue-accented iPhones.

Source: BGR


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