When Apple announced the iPhone 5s, one of the features that was talked about the most was its A7 64-bit chip. Surely to this moment we’re still struggling to find the benefits behind it, but one thing we do remember is that benchmarks completely blew away any Android competitor at the time. Still, that didn’t matter with Apple’s conservative approach to software, and if you’re wondering how it’ll be with the iPhone 6, some information has already emerged.

Some early GPU benchmarks have emerged of the iPhone 6 and its new A8 chip, and the results score 21,204 points in graphics performance compared to 20,254 points on the iPhone 5s. Apple touted that the new A8 chip and its new 20-nanometer design would allow it to be 25% faster than the A7, and also 50% faster in graphics performance. These benchmarks sadly don’t reflect such a bump in performance, but it’s hard to call these claims official when the phone isn’t even shipping yet.

Another problem that we’ll have is that a comparison between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 would hardly reflect the real boost in numbers, and that’s mainly because the iPhone 5s has never been a slouch. Let’s see how other official benchmarks portray Apple’s new smartphone, and hopefully the iPhone 6 Plus as well.


Source: Rightware
Via: BGR

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