iPhone 5se may be meant for emerging markets

When Apple introduced the lower-end iPhone 5c, the company looked to be aiming for the cost-conscious consumers who still weren’t on the iTrain just yet. Sales didn’t follow on, partly because of its individual, but uninspiring stature. The other part owes to the rest of the saturated mid-range market and how other cheap phones dominate the prepaid market.

So, will 2016’s iPhone 5se/6c/7c completely shift away from that aim or is there a lateral move going on here?

The Nikkei economic journal is reporting that the four-inch iPhone is now in production for a spring release. The product is being framed, however, as a play to emerging markets by taking down upfront profits from hardware sales and pushing media and app-based sales.

And with parts orders headed down and Wall Street bracing for disappointment this year, the next branch for Apple to grab on looks to be all about the content. Then again, the transition from plastic to metal, if leaks are to believed, would help.

Source: Nikkei (Google Translate)
Via: G for Games

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