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iPhone 5S vs LG G2

By Jaime Rivera October 4, 2013, 12:09 pm

On one corner we have one of the most powerful Android smartphones of the year, and in the other we have Apple’s best iPhone ever, or so they say. This comparison is odd in its own way since LG is better known for their intense competition with Samsung, and not Apple. These devices are completely different in absolutely everything. Still, both sport the best cameras of their respective platforms, the best internals, and both even push the bar of design in their own unique way. It used to be that people chose iPhones before because they had the best cameras, but the LG G2 has the Android camera to beat, and if you’re after an experience with no compromise within the Android ecosystem, we could say that there is a lot to consider on the table.

Which of these devices is better suited for your needs? Let’s find out in our iPhone 5S vs LG G2 comparison video.

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