iPhone 5S unboxing (Video)

The iPhone 5 was one of the best phone’s we’ve ever reviewed. About a year later, it’s falling behind in a few key areas that Apple hopes to remedy with the 5S. Chief among them is the camera: the 5S is supposed to have improved low light performance thanks to a larger sensor and a new flash configuration. Recent devices like the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 1020 have been engineered around low-light camera performance.

Also new to the table is a faster 64 bit A7 CPU which we really won’t see the benefits of until developer re-write their apps to take advantage of the new architecture. Apple claims iOS 7 and all of it stock applications are 64-bit compatible, so they should see a benefit out of the box.

Finally, the 5S has a fingerprint sensor, which might prove to be a convenience to those that rely on a password to access their phone.

Here are some first impressions:

– Out of the box the 5S doesn’t feel much faster than the 5. Then again, the 5 is one of the best-performing phones out there. It’s probably gaming that will see the biggest gains. For example, Asphalt 8, which is not yet 64-bit optimized for the 5S, loads much faster than on the 5 but has similar graphics quality.

– The flat home button feels nearly identical to the concave one found in all other iPhones.

– We’re going to spend an entire video talking about Touch ID and how it works, so stay tuned for that!

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