With the new iPhones now here, we’re seeing all the usual stuff that comes up any time a new Apple model arrives. You know, the drop tests, comparisons to existing hardware, and teardowns of the phones’ internals. So far, those teardowns have gone pretty uneventfully, helping to confirm hardware details Apple’s been hesitant to divulge, like the iPhone 5S’s 1GB of RAM. But for all they’re finding, there’s one component that hasn’t yet shown its face: the M7 coprocessor.

As you’ll remember, Apple hyped the M7 as “a sidekick to the A7 chip,” handling all sorts of motion data from phone sensors, and doing so without using a whole lot of power. The guys at iFixit pored over the new 5S hardware, and there’s not a trace they can unearth of any chip that might be the M7.

Of course, the obvious assumption would be that the M7 is itself integrated into the A7, but that’s not consistent with the language Apple’s been using to describe the M7. We just mentioned how it calls it a sidekick, and it’s also discussed how apps “can access that data from the M7 coprocessor without constantly engaging the A7 chip,” further implying that the M7 and A7 are distinct entities.

Maybe Apple will shed some light on this matter eventually, but for now, the mystery remains.

Source: iFixit
Via: TechHive

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