One of the most difficult aspects of iPhone 5S rumors to pin down has been this talk of a fingerprint scanner. Despite signs in software pointing to support for the feature, and plenty of leaks of various 5S hardware components, we’ve yet to see any hard evidence capable of finally putting an end to the rumors and establishing just what Apple intends to do. We’re still not there yet, but some new analysis of leaked 5S parts makes for an interesting argument that Apple could well be up to something with the 5S’s home button.

That home button is where we keep hearing the fingerprint scanner would live. Looking at leaked rear iPhone 5S shells, compared to those from the existing iPhone 5, you can see some subtle changes to Apple’s design. Specifically, mounting points for the home button’s metal spacer have been repositioned to accept a modified part, with one edge shaved down, compared to last year’s model. The theory goes, this cutout could be directly related to a need to make room for fingerprint scanner hardware.

We know, it’s far from solid, but until we get undeniable proof (or rejection) of this rumor, we’re going to stay on the lookout for new evidence.

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Via: BGR

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