iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S (Video)

If you’re still not sure whether to upgrade your iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5, perhaps we can help. In this video we compare both iPhones in a plethora of catagories: hardware, specs, app launch speed, web browser speed, screen quality, battery life, gaming, and more. In a lot of ways the devices are very different: the iPhone 5’s design is new, it has a different connector, and inside, the hardware has changed dramatically. But at the same time, the iPhone 5 takes literally ever spec of the 4S and bumps it up a notch. As such, the iPhone 5 becomes somewhat predictable: apps open faster versus the iPhone 4S, web browsing is a bit speedier, the screen quality is nicer, photos taken with the cameras come out better, and so forth. And these incremental changes are great, because to many, the 4S is already a great device. Take a look at our video at let us know what you think.

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