iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S 3 (Video)

The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III are undoubtedly two of the hottest smartphones on the market right now, and for good reason: both have refined hardware, fantastic specs, great cameras, and price points that don’t break the bank if you’re buying on a new contract. While the Galaxy S III is available on T-Mobile and the iPhone 5 is not, both devices are widely available in the US, and also around the world. Yet both devices are very different, and we can learn about what Samsung and Apple think is an ideal mobile experience based on the features and functionality of these two devices. For example, Samsung thinks consumers want a bigger screen in a premium phone, regardless of its impact on one-handed usability. And Apple thinks that consumers want a smaller screen in a premium phone, allowing for a high level of portability and one-handed usability. Samsung thinks that consumers want choice: the Galaxy S III is available in a rainbow of colors, its battery can be removed, and it’s running one of the most flexible operating systems on the planet. Apple, on the other hand, offers the iPhone 5 in just two colors, and it doesn’t think consumers want to fumble with removable batteries and an operating system that is abundant in options. In this video, we compare the iPhone 5 with the Galaxy S III. Let us know in the comments which you like better and why!

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