iPhone 5 To Revisit Aluminum Back Plate, Get New Antenna?

According to Chinese Economic Daily News, the upcoming iPhone 5 — or whatever the name will be — will most probably ditch the glass backplate found on the current iPhone 4 and get the good old aluminum back plate back on from the old days.

If the rumors from the supply chain are true, the next iPhone will not only be lighter — as the glass ads to the iPhone’s weight — but more difficult to scratch and break. Also, Apple has been told to have severe issues in painting the glass to a consistent white color, thus the missing white iPhone 4 from the market.

On the same note to be filed under the “R” category, Apple would redesign the antenna to overcome future issues similar to the ones the iPhone 4 met with regards of signal drops. The new antenna would allegedly be moved back inside the casing as opposed to the external antenna on the iPhone 4.

Rumors will be surfacing more and more as we get closer to that certain June/July point when we think Apple might get an iPhone refresh out. Given the current changes in the iPad 2, we’d expect a faster processor and a thinner — not necessarily aluminum backed — form factor. We can also look at it from the cheaper iPhone perspective as aluminum could be cheaper to produce, obtain, handle and process than glass.

Source: Money.udn (translated)

Via: PhoneArena

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