No matter what Apple has to say about the iPhone 5 tomorrow, you can bet that an army of loyal fans will be ready to jump on the opportunity to get their hands on the company’s latest smartphone. How long will they have to wait for the opportunity to place their orders? A new rumor suggests it could be a little longer than we were expecting.

About a month ago, we shared with you a rumor we had heard that Apple would open the books on pre-orders the very same day it announced the iPhone 5. While that would certainly play well off the buzz from the announcement itself, Apple may need a couple more days to ready its staff for the massive influx of orders expected.

Instead of tomorrow, the latest rumor has Apple waiting until this Friday to start accepting pre-orders. Even then, the exact timing isn’t clear; in the past, Apple’s started taking orders online as soon as midnight on the day orders open, but this time it may be looking to get a good night’s sleep instead and wouldn’t start taking orders until 6AM eastern.

Of course, you’d still have another week or two to go before the phones start shipping, but we know how anxious it can feel when there’s an exciting new phone about to drop and you want to absolutely guarantee you get your hands on one ASAP. Look for updates on iPhone pre-orders once we get the official word from Apple tomorrow.

Sourcce: MacRumors
Via: BGR

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