iPhone 5 First Impressions and Unboxing (Video)

It’s here, at long last. The iPhone 5 is Apple’s answer to whatever Samsung, HTC, or any other smartphone manufacturer will come up with in the next twelve months. The new iPhone, like its predecessors, will set the bar and literally change product pipelines for many months to come as OEMs try to compete with Apple’s latest and greatest (although the extent to which Apple has set the bar again is questionable given that the iPhone 5, in many ways, is like an improved iPhone 4S). Our iPhone 5 just arrived, and in this video, we’ve unboxed it and given you some first impressions.

First impressions:

  • Yes, you can cut your microSIM into a nanoSIM size
  • The display is definitely superior to the iPhone 4S. Color saturation is significantly improved
  • The device is so light that it feels like it’s empty inside. Really
  • While it’s thin, it’s not insanely thin. I think the Galaxy S III feels thinner
  • Web browsing is crazily fast. Like…don’t-blink-because-the-page-already-loaded fast
  • Launching apps also feels (and is) significantly faster than what the iPhone 4S could muster

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