It is painfully clear at this point that, though the iPhone 5 is pretty resilient to impacts, and can keep functioning through a lot of punishment, its facade is just a wee bit delicate, and especially along that beveled edge, the handset can’t seem to help but pick up a few battle scars. The obvious solution might seem to slap a bumper on that baby, but if you head on down to the local Apple Store with such a goal in mind, you’re going to end up coming home empty handed. Even with the iPhone 5 on the shelves for weeks now, Apple has yet to start selling any case accessories. A new rumor suggests that could be changing soon, as Apple start certifying third-party cases.

Supposedly, Apple Stores could start carrying such gear during the week of October 22. Though Apple still wouldn’t have an iPhone 5 cover of its own, just carrying compatible cases manufactured by other companies would make them that much more available to new iPhone 5 customers. They may not be able to make the phone’s aluminum any more scratch-resistant, but hopefully they can at least prevent those scratches from even having the chance to happen in the first place.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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