iPhone 4 versus Galaxy S 2 (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 (which we recently reviewed) and the iPhone 4 are two of the best smartphones ever released. But which is better? In this video, we do a comparison between these two devices. In terms of pricing, the iPhone 4, here in the US (certainly this price varies around the world) can be had for either $199 or $299 for the 16GB or 32GB models respectively, while the Galaxy S 2 is over $700 for the unlocked version.

Beyond that, the build quality on both devices is quite high, but we give higher marks to the iPhone thanks to its use of metal and glass. The Galaxy S 2’s screen is glass, and the rest of the casing is plastic. Despite this, the Galaxy S 2 feels rigid, high-quality, and easy to hold in the hand.

Both have very different displays. The iPhone 4’s 3.5″ display is 960×640 resolution, providing 326 pixels per inch. The Galaxy S 2’s 4.3″ display is 800×480 resolution, providing 217 pixels per inch. The lower pixel density on the Galaxy S 2 is made up for with the extreme level of contrast that the Super AMOLED Plus display affords.

In terms of imaging, the iPhone 4 takes fantastic 5MP pictures and crystal clear 720p videos, but the Galaxy S 2 ups the ante with 8MP pictures and full 1080p video capture. Both have front-facing cameras, with the Galaxy S 2 taking photos at 2MP, and the iPhone maxing out at just VGA resolution.

Jumping into software, it’s easy to see that Android has far greater versatility than iOS at this point, but the latter is due for an upgrade later this year that might bring vast changes to the OS. In terms of web browser performance, the Galaxy S 2 is far superior to the iPhone, probably thanks to the brawny dual-core Exynos 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM.

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