iPhone 4 Hardware Revision Rumored for September

A new report out of Mexico suggests that the iPhone 4 will see a hardware revision at the end of September meant to address the widely-publicized issues with the antenna. While this revision is far from confirmed, Mexican technology publication canalMX has quoted carrier Telcel’s Director of Value Added Services, Marco Quatorze, as saying that “as of September 30th Telcel will have new iPhone 4 devices that don’t carry reception issues” further reporting that “he also explained that the company will offer various options for device swaps if any customers face a faulty device.” Telcel released the latest iPhone on August 29th.

Such a hardware revision would seem to be unprecedented for Apple, which tends to only change its products during regularly-scheduled periods in their lifecycles. Then again, Apple has not made any indication as to how it will satisfy customers following the cessation of the case giveaway, meaning that a hardware fix is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Obviously we will be following this story closely as it develops, one way or the other.

(via MacRumors and canalMX, image courtesy of Ars Technica)

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