iPhone 4 Glass Screen More Prone to Breaking

Just when Apple and the public thought it could put Antennagate behind with the iPhone 4, a new issue related to the flagship Apple smartphone has just arose, and this time it has to do with the glass screen. The iPhone 4 uses glass for the front and rear panel, which CEO Steve Jobs claims to be of comparable strength to sapphire crystal, and is much more durable than plastic. A new report published by insurance warranty company SquareTrade states that iPhone 4 damaged screen claims are coming in at 87 percent more than on the iPhone 3GS. The company says that overall accident rate for the new smartphone is 68 percent higher than the previous generation model and that 4.7 percent of iPhone 4 owners are reporting accidents, up from 2.8 percent from iPhone 3GS owners.

Just recently, GDGT reported from its sources that slider cases on the iPhone 4 are being investigated as the non-official Apple cases may attract particles trapped between the case and the rear glass panel causing additional pressure and friction, which would result in the screen fracturing or breaking over time. Reportedly, Apple is investigating this claim and that the problem could be averted with an Apple bumper as the bumper doesn’t cover the rear case. The irony here is that over-protection of the device will cause the opposite effect as the one desired.

In the SquareTrade report, in the first four months of ownership, 4 percent of iPhone 4 owners have reported a cracked screen, up from 2% on the iPhone 3GS. Data from SquareTrade reveals that a quarter of cracked screens are from the rear back panel, though the report doesn’t go into detail to affirm or invalidate the claim from GDGT’s sources.

SquareTrade also notes that the overall reported accident rate for the iPhone 4 is 68 percent higher than it was for the iPhone 3GS, with 4.7 percent of iPhone 4 owners reporting an accident, up from 2.8 percent of iPhone 3GS owners.

It should be noted though that in the U.S., Apple exclusive carrier AT&T has offered iPhone insurance for the first time for the iPhone with the launch of the iPhone 4.

(via: PC World)

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