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Report: Most of potential iPhone 13 buyers find the lineup “not at all exciting”

By Sanuj Bhatia October 6, 2021, 8:00 am
iPhone 13 Pink Color

It’s almost been three weeks since Apple took wraps off the iPhone 13 series. Though the iPhone is selling well — Apple’s having issues in keeping up with orders — this year’s iPhones don’t seem like a huge upgrade, even though there are generational improvements in display, battery, camera, and performance departments. But since there’s no new design or a standout feature, the existing iPhone customers have been hard to impress. And the same is concluded by the SellCell iPhone 13 potential buyer’s report.

sellcell iPhone 13 report

According to SellCell’s report, 64% of respondents feel the iPhone 13 lineup is “not very” or “not at all” exciting. The poll was conducted among 5,000 United States-based iPhone owners. 21.5% felt that the ‌iPhone 13‌ models are “somewhat” exciting, while only 14.4% said that they are “extremely” or “very exciting.”


Among the 23.3% that intend to upgrade to an ‌iPhone 13‌ model, the iPhone 13 Pro was the most popular pick with 42.5& of responses going in its favor. The 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max was the next most popular with 26.3%, and this is perhaps the reason why Apple is thinking of ditching the mini iPhone for two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch models next year.

When asked about the reason for the upgrade, more than one-third of the respondents said that it was the 120Hz ProMotion display. About one-fourth of the people felt that they need to buy the new iPhones due to the longer battery life claims, whereas 26.2% said that there was no clear reason to buy an ‌iPhone 13‌ model but they were simply due to an upgrade or were locked into a yearly upgrade or trade-in program. Interestingly, only 5.4% of the respondents were feeling to upgrade to the iPhone 13 series for cameras.

Despite the survey suggesting iPhone 13 series is “underwhelming,” iPhone 13 has been selling like hot cakes in the market. Apple is having trouble producing the smartphone, amind the chip shortage, and anyone thinking of ordering a device today could be waiting into November for delivery, depending on the model and configuration they choose.

Via: SellCell


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