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Apple unveiled its iPhone 13 series earlier this month. Though the new phones come with a similar design to iPhone 12, they come with subtle but important changes like brighter display, bigger camera sensors, larger batteries, and most importantly smaller notch. iFixit has now published its full iPhone 13 Pro teardown giving us a look at all of the components that are inside.

iphone 13 teardown ifixit

iFixit says that the iPhone 13 Pro teardown reveals is even harder to repair, giving it a score of 5/10. For comparison, iPhone 12 Pro scored 6/10 in iFixit’s repairability scores. Tearing down the iPhone 13 Pro, iFixit says Taptic Engine inside the device appears to be smaller than before. However,  it’s actually bulkier and weighs 6.3 grams, up from 4.8.

Another notable difference between iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro new Face ID array. iFixit says that Apple has combined the flood illuminator and dot protector into a single module. The report says that the dot projector has moved from the edge to the center of the module this year. The flood illuminator, which was previously integrated into the display, has now been integrated into the Face ID module. This, along with moving the earpiece speaker to the top is what has allowed Apple to reduce the size of the notch in the iPhone 13 series.

iFixit also says that any display replacement will break Face ID on iPhone 13 series, as we reported yesterday. In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro teardown reveals that if anything happens to the earpiece speaker, the repair person will have to remove the whole logic board, making the process more cumbersome.

Apple is also using a new version of the OLED panel in the iPhone 13. iFixit says that Apple is using a “touch-integrated” version of OLED panel, which as the name suggests, “combines the touch and OLED layers of a display — reducing cost, materials, thickness, and the number of cables you can accidentally tear.”

Via: iFixit

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