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Apple unveiled its flashy iPhone 13 Pro earlier this week. At the time of unveiling, we reported that the A15 Bionic chip used in the normal iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 13 Pro series is different. The Pro models have an extra GPU core — probably for that 120Hz ProMotion display. Now, MacRumors has spotted the first Geekbench benchmark test of the iPhone 13 Pro, revealing its beast-y performance.

MacRumors says that in terms of GPU performance, the iPhone 13 Pro series boasts a significant performance increase compared to the prior-generation iPhone 12 Pro. “The ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌, or iPhone14,2, earned a Metal score of 14216, a 55 percent increase compared to the 9123 Metal score earned by the ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌,” says MacRumors.

iphone 13 pro geekbench gpu

In a follow-up report, the publication posted the benchmark results of the standard iPhone 13 series showcasing its CPU and GPU performance. On the GPU side of things, the iPhone 13 scores 10608 in the Metal benchmark test. This is roughly 15% higher than the score for the A14 Bionic, though it loses to iPhone 13 Pro’s 14216 score of the Metal test. This might be due to an extra GPU core, but that’s only a guess right now.

On the CPU side of things, we see similar scores across regular and Pro iPhone 13 devices because they all feature the same 6-core CPU setup. The iPhone 13 series scores around 1725 in the single-core test whereas it scores around 4600 in the multi-core test. The benchmark scores represent roughly a 10% increase in single-core performance and an 18% increase in multi-core performance in comparison to that last year’s A14 Bionic.

These scores are mostly sourced from the reviewers who might have gotten hands-on with the iPhone 13 series before it makes its way into the market. The reviewers generally run a Geekbench benchmark test to showcase the new iPhone’s performance and the results are uploaded to Geekbench’s website which has been spotted by MacRumors.

Source: Geekbench 1,2

Via: MacRumors 1,2

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