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Here’s how much iPhone 13 Pro costs Apple to manufacture

By Sanuj Bhatia October 5, 2021, 8:35 am
iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue Color

Apple unveiled its iPhone 13 series last month. The smartphone series, though looks the same, features better cameras, display, and battery life than the iPhone 12 series. iFixit’s teardown revealed the story behind the iPhone 13’s smaller notch and now, a report has come out that shows how much individual parts of the iPhone 13 series cost.

TechInsights did a costs analysis breakdown of the new ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌. According to the report, the bill of materials for the iPhone 13 Pro costs an estimated $570. Apple sells iPhone 13 Pro at $999 in the United States — which is one of the cheapest prices, in comparison to other countries, the iPhone 13 Pro is available at.


In comparison to the last year’s iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro costs Apple around $20 more to build. When comparing to Samsung’s counterpart, the bill of materials for the Galaxy S21+ is around $508, which is around $60 less. The report doesn’t cite if the increased cost is due to the ongoing chip shortage, but it would be a good guess. It could also be due to the increased battery capacity and thickness of the phone — both of which require more material to build.

The report from TechInsights says the increased cost is due to the higher estimated costs of the A15 Bionic chipset, display subsystem price, NAND memory, and an increase in the main enclosure cost. However, there have been some cost cuttings as well. Apple is still using 6GB LPDDR4X RAM from SK Hynix, whereas the industry has moved on to LPDDR5 RAMs. Moreover, the company, instead of going for Samsung as the storage solution provider, Apple has gone for Kioxia.

Before you go on and blame Apple for scamming you of $430 (1,000 – 570), please remember that this is only the cost of parts of the iPhone 13 Pro. The phone has been priced higher than the cost of the parts as other Apple investments, such as Research & Development, marketing, sales, manufacturing cost, and many more factors come into place, which raise the total cost of the phone.

Via: TechInsights


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