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iPhone 13 battery sizes revealed: how much of an upgrade do you get?

By Sanuj Bhatia September 20, 2021, 2:30 am
iphone 13 battery

Apple took wraps off iPhone 13 series last week. The new flagship from Apple features improved cameras, smaller notch, brighter display, and more. (P.S.: Here’s how you can get pre-approved loan for iPhone 13 upgrade program) Upon announcing the iPhone 13 series, Apple claimed its new phones have better battery life, saying “iPhone 13 delivers 2.5 hours increase over iPhone 12,” for example. However, the Cupertino-giant didn’t reveal the exact battery size of the new iPhone 13 series is, until now. 

Chemtrec’s website has now posted official numbers for the battery capacities of the iPhone 13 series. The battery sizes have been published watt-hours instead of the more traditional milliamp hours unit. Nonetheless, we’ve converted the battery sizes into mAh, for your better understanding, though the exact battery size might differ.

ModelBattery CapacityIn mAh (Approx.)PredecessorIncreaseIncrease (in %)
iPhone 13 mini9.34Wh2,450 mAh8.57Wh0.77Wh9.0%
iPhone 1312.41Wh3,240 mAh10.78Wh1.63Wh15.1%
iPhone 13 Pro11.97Wh3,125 mAh10.78Wh1.19Wh11.0%
iPhone 13 Pro Max16.75Wh4,373 mAh14.13Wh2.62Wh18.5%
iPhone 13 battery size

Though the battery capacities have gotten bigger than ever, there’s something interesting to note here. For the first time since the standard iPhone and the Pro iPhone shared the same 6.1-inch display, the battery capacities have differed. iPhone 13 Pro’s capacity is smaller than the iPhone 13 — even though the former requires more power thanks to its ProMotion display. The reason behind this might be the larger camera sensors, though that’s a guess at best.

To accommodate space for the larger batteries, Apple has made each model slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor. The weight has been adjusted accordingly, and the biggest iPhone now weighs over 240gm.

Apple says the 13 Pro Max is rated for 28 hours of continuous video playback. Even the smallest one, 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, should achieve 17 hours of video watching according to Apple. We’ll be testing the iPhone 13 series over the coming weeks to see if these claims turn out to be true in real life, or not.

Via: 9to5Mac


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