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iPhone 12 series plagued with significant battery drain in standby issue

By Prakhar Khanna December 3, 2020, 4:47 am
iPhone 12 battery drain

After LTE and 5G connectivity issue, the iPhone 12 series seems to have been plagued with a new issue. The iPhone 12 battery drain complaints continue to mount as the issue is being reported by several users now. An iPhone 12 Pro user on Apple forums wrote that his unit was draining battery power when idle with almost no background activity at a rate of 4 percent per hours. He claims that it is much faster than his previous iPhone 11 Pro. It was not a one-off thing as several other users chimed in saying they are experiencing the same issue of battery drain even when the iPhone was on standby.


The latest development comes from Apple forums, which are filled with complaints about the iPhone 12 series battery drain issue. Users are reporting that their iPhone 12 units are draining a significant battery on standby, with almost no background activity and 5G turned off as well. While some users have experienced a battery drain of as much as 10 percent, some have also reported having lost 30 percent of battery power overnight on idle mode. I’ve been using the iPhone 12 as my daily driver for a month now, and I haven’t faced any such issue. Hence, not all the new iPhone 12 units seem to have been affected

I've been using the iPhone 12 as my daily driver for a month now, and I haven't faced any such issue.

One of the first complaints by user Master26A on Apple forums says, “I’m noticing that the iPhone 12 Pro is draining when idle with almost no background activity at a rate of 4 percent which is much faster than my previous iPhone 11 Pro. First instinct was to disable Mobile data to see if it was a 5G thing, but I actually don’t see any real difference from doing that (which makes sense as I’ve been on WiFi 98 percent of the time since I got it)”. While another user goes on to say that he lost around 30 percent battery power in 10 hours at night. He says this is significantly more than his iPhone 11 that lost around 5 percent at the same time.

One of the customers contacted Apple and  detailed the conversation on the forum – “I spoke to Apple support today & they ran diagnostics saying that everything checks out. I imagine what this means is that there is a software issue causing the battery to drain – hopefully they sort it soon.”


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