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iPhone 12 could come with better 3D sensors and the power of a MacBook Pro

By Samuel Martinez January 16, 2020, 4:10 pm

It seems that the new iPhone 12 lineup will be one of the best and most powerful devices in 2020. Research notes and other rumors say that we are getting more iPhone models than ever before, and they’re also supposed to include more RAM under the hood. However, it seems that Apple won’t stop there, and they could also include the power of a 15-inch MacBook Pro and improved sensors for Face ID and 3D sensing.

New predictions from Barclays analysts say that the iPhone 12 lineup will include upgraded Face ID and better 3D sensing, but they don’t explain how. This could mean that Apple will upgrade the TrueDepth camera system used for Face ID, and the new Time of Flight camera in the back panel would improve 3D photo captures. The new Apple A14 processor may also help since it’s supposed to provide support for faster 5G data speeds, more RAM, and better AR performance.

The new A14 processor has a 5nm process, which, according to Jason Cross from MacWorld, could make the iPhone 12 as powerful as a 15-inch MacBook Pro. This new processor would give us better performance in games, which could be boosted by about 50%, the possible addition of a Neural Engine core, and more. Most importantly, they would still be able to outperform the fastest Android devices, when we consider that they usually get 3,000 scores on Geekbench. The iPhone 12 could very well reach a score of around 4,500 or even 5,000, which is the score of a 6-core mainstream desktop CPUs or high-end laptop CPUs, in other words, a MacBook Pro.

Source 9to5Mac

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