The iPhone season is firmly here and the first iPhone 12 reviews are finally out. It is flat. It is fast. It has better cameras and rocks a new charger that attaches magnetically to the rear panel.

We really like the look of these new colors, especially the blue!

Oh, it also adds another ‘G’ to its cellular connectivity suite. Yep, 5G is here. Sounds like a great upgrade, doesn’t it? And not surprisingly, the price has gone up (duh).  However, one aspect of the iPhone 12 series that will catch the eyes of potential buyers is a new color palette. Let’s just get straight to it.

The vanilla iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 Mini as well) will be up for grabs in black, blue, green, PRODUCT(RED), and white colors. But if you fancy the Pro models, the iPhone 12 Pro and its Max sibling will be available in four shades – gold, graphite, silver, and pacific blue. And thanks to the flat edges and metallic luster, the paint job on the sides makes the iPhone 12 series, especially the Pro models, look really premium. But let’s talk about the rainbow of colors that the iPhone 12 brings to the table:

      The signature PRODUCT(RED) shade has made its way to the iPhone 12 as well. This one rocks a hue that we last saw on the iPhone SE, and the iPhone 11 before that. Aside from looking good, it also lets you contribute towards a good cause.
        The black color option of the iPhone 12 actually flaunts a deep shade of black and a subdued glossy finish, if the official product renders are anything to go by. However, the camera isle has a different surface finish and sports a contrasting lighter tone.
          This one is a new tint that has been introduced for the iPhone 12 line-up, and it also happens to be the one that is on most people’s wishlist. The shade actually falls somewhere between navy blue and indigo, and coupled with a glossy finish, it looks stunning.
            iPhone 12’s green is slightly different from the iPhone 11’s green color option. Instead of mimicking the sea green shade on the iPhone 11, this one actually takes inspiration from the green paintjob we saw on the latest iPad Air. Nevertheless, it is an eye candy.
              You can’t go wrong with the majestic appeal of the white shade. The color profile is identical to the one on iPhone 11, but the polished flat sides on the iPhone 12 accentuate the looks. Like the rest of the colors, the rear panel is glossy while the camera bump has a matte touch to it.

            If you’re looking to truly stand out and experience an all-new color that is yet to adorn an iPhone, blue is the shade you should go for. The same can be said about the new green shade, and it happens to be my personal favorite too. But if you’re yet to decide which iPhone 12 model is the right one for you, read our comparison of the iPhone 12 models to decide which one best fits your demands and budget.

            Want to know more about how the iPhone 12 actually looks and feels in the hands? Read this iPhone 12 preview by Ben Sin over at XDA, which talks briefly about the camera output, Magsafe charger, and more key parameters.

            Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the rest of this week! If you want to know more about the iPhone 12 series, check out our detailed explainers about how MagSafe works, the best MagSafe accessories, how 5G works on the iPhone 12, and the best iPhone 12 deals so you can save money on your new iPhone!

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