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iPhone 11 lineup gets a trade-in value boost

By Prakhar Khanna April 6, 2021, 2:10 am
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Apple has adjusted the trade-in values of several of its products including the iPhones, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and more. The trade-in value change comes after updated prices in December. Moreover, Apple has not only decreased some values but is offering more if you exchange an iPhone 11 series device. Notably, the values shown on Apple’s website reflect the maximum possible trade-in value for a product. This means you are not guaranteed to get this much while exchanging your old device but you can get up to the said amount.

Starting with the iPhone 11, the device has received a $20 value bump. You can now receive a maximum of $380 on exchanging your old iPhone 11. Further, the trade-in value for the iPhone 11 Pro is up by $5 to $465, and the Pro Max can get you up to $515, which is $15 more than before. Moreover, the old iPhone 6s Plus can now get you $65 as compared to $60.


Apart from the iPhones, Apple has also updated its trade-in value for the iPad lineup. The iPad Pro will now get you $580, which is $45 more than before. By contrast, the trade-in value for the standard iPad has gone down by $15 to $235. The MacBook Air has also received a value revision. You will now get $70 less than before for your MacBook Air, which is down to $530 from $600. As for the discontinued MacBook, it can give you up to $340, which is $40 less than before.

More Mac family members have received a trade-in value revision. The iMac has received a value reduction of $130, which brings it down to $1,050. On the other hand, the Mac mini is down by $60 to $770.

For the unaware, Apple allows customers to trade-in older devices, and receive a certain amount of value for them. This can be used towards a purchase of a new device. The company measures the exact trade-in value of a device by its condition, manufacturer, and when it was released.

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