Apple has revealed iPadOS 14 at WWDC20 and all the new features it brings to the table. The first one is an updated sidebar. It works across many apps such as Photos, Files, Notes, Calendar, and Apple Music, and takes advantage of the large screen real estate to show more information and controls.

For example, it makes it easier to browse and organize your photos, thanks to the new UI. Your photos remain front and center, but the sidebar helps you organize them easily. You can drag a photo to the sidebar and then drop it into an iPhone as well. The changes are not exactly revolutionary, but the sidebar will make it easier to control apps and move around the UI.

The second major new announcement is a universal search bar. It not only allows users to look for apps installed on their phone or do a quick web search, but also search documents, notes, contacts, and more. The universal search bar in iPadOS 14 supports files, notes, and even music. Essentially, you can launch a search anywhere without having to leave the app.

Another major addition is Scribble that works in tandem with the Apple Pencil. Scribble will let you ‘scribble’ in the search bar, and it will automatically be converted into a text format that will yield the appropriate search result. And oh, it can also correct crude shapes into a more geometrical form. Plus, it will prompt relevant activities when you jot down an address (show it in maps), when you write a phone number (make a call), or write a date (add it as an event to the calendar).

[Update Note: This story was updated to add more information about the sidebar in iPadOS.]

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