iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard most likely due out in early November

Apple is a little busy for the time being spreading the iPhone love worldwide, as well as adding new names to the Watch’s US retailer roster, but sooner or later, the iPad Pro will also need some tending to. Preferably sooner, if Cupertino doesn’t want the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to steal its thunder.

Now, we’ve known off the bat the largest, most productive, powerful and expensive iPad to date was headed for stores sometime in November. And we always suspected a beginning of the month commercial debut, given how near the holidays already are, and how well iDevices typically do at the box-office during the season to be jolly.

A Japanese tech blog seems to confirm our conjectures, based on word from allegedly reliable inside sources, and pegs the sales kick-off deadline for the first week of next month. We’re guessing that’s good not only for the Asian country, but the US and other global markets too, and the iPad Pro should roll out alongside the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard accessories.

Stateside, the 12.9-incher will cost $799 by itself in a 32GB Wi-Fi-limited configuration, $949 when quadrupling the storage space, and $1,079 with the same towering 128GB capacity, plus LTE connectivity. Looking for extra functionality? The “completely familiar yet entirely revolutionary” stylus is priced at $99, while the “reimagined” keyboard cover will go for $169.

Source: Macotakara
Via: Apple Insider

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