Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Review: Is it really for work?

Apple is at the beginnings of a transition. The high end smartphone market is maturing. Mac sales continue to fall. Cupertino supports two different computing environments between OSX and iOS. Pushing to find new sales growth, Apple is working to bring more professional features to iOS instead of adding multi-mode or touchscreen options to MacBooks and iMacs.

We now have our hands on the second iOS “Pro” product following this philosophy. The 9.7 retains most of the design of the iPad Air 2, but includes more storage, better cameras, a new display, quad speaker sound, and support for the Apple Pencil. Folks concerned about the size of the original iPad Pro, this “petite” option looks to satisfy a more mobile lifestyle.

Delivering a smaller iPad Pro certainly helps reinforce Apple’s hardware commitment to developers who might be looking to produce more robust apps for iOS. Does adding stylus support to an iPad really give consumers a machine which could replace their laptops? How far can we really take our work on this slate? Instead of just delivering a couple minutes of vanity shots, and fake “acting” videos of us pretending to use the iPad, we wanted to find out if we could produce an iPad Pro video review ON an iPad Pro!

We’re we successful? Here’s our full review of the iPad Pro 9.7!

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Juan Carlos Bagnell
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