Alleged iPad Refresh Case Pictured, More Rumors Of iPad mini Pricing

Birds are chirping that alongside the iPad mini Apple will also introduce some sort of iPad flavor. It will purportedly feature the new Lightning port and some other probable spec bumps (or not). The image above is allegedly a shell for this refreshed iPad and, as you can see, the only difference compared to the New iPad is the port at the bottom. There is no further information to back this up so treat it accordingly together with the rest of the rumors at this time.

On a different note we’ve recently seen a picture claimed to be originating from an inventory that lists a lot of iPad mini flavors and their prices in Euros. The new rumor is that the iPad mini will be priced between the iPod Touch ($299) and the WiFi-only 16GB iPad 2 ($399), not New iPad. 9to5mac believes that the entry level mini Apple slate will start at $329 (all the way up to $659 for the highest capacity and cellular iPad mini). The earlier rumor we told you about indicated a price point of EU249 in Europe which interestingly, converted to American Dollars, is around $325. This might be a coincidence or not but usually prices in Europe are higher due to most of the times wrongfully pairing the currencies and their exchange rate on one hand and a higher, 19% to 25% sales tax, depending on countries.

If the first rumor is to be believed the iPad mini’s entry level should be below $250. However, the 9to5mac table below seems to hint otherwise, going by the “iPad mini has to be cheaper than the iPod Touch” logic, whether you agree or not. We’ll have to wait two more days until we find out all the details.

Source: Facebook, 9to5mac

Via: 9to5mac

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