Now that Apple’s sent out invitations for what’s almost certainly its iPad mini launch event, we can finally start putting those months and months of rumors and dozens of leaked component pics behind us, right? Not so fast; we’ve still got a little time to go before we get the full story on the iPad mini, and in the meantime we’ve got some new pics to check out of what looks like the tablet’s display panel and battery, as well as some new rumors to talk about concerning the tablet’s retail arrival.

In a lot of the pics we’ve already seen of the iPad mini, the display was clearly a non-functional mockup. Granted, this non-powered component isn’t much more to look at, but seems to confirm all we’ve been expecting about the screen’s size and aspect ratio.

The battery pictured here may not be the final choice for the component used in the iPad mini, but it still gives us some hints about the sort of capacity Apple is thinking about; the battery’s a 3.72V model, with 16.7Whrs capacity.

We know Apple likes to release products on Fridays, and after seeing the invitation arrive yesterday, wondered if the iPad mini might hit stores on November 9. A new rumor, sourced to a UK retailer, claims that the tablet will land one week earlier, going up for sale on November 2, instead.

Source: Geeky Gadgets, eTradeSupply
Via: CNET, phoneArena

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