If we’re to believe the preponderance of rumors, Apple has a pint-sized iPad in the works with something like a 7.85-inch display. Considering just how many sources have been talking about this iPad Mini, it’s definitely starting to feel like a bit of an inevitability, but there’s still plenty about the tablet that remains wholly unknown. A new schematic, purporting to reveal some external dimensions of the iPad mini has just turned up, and the data contained within may just help us flesh-out our understanding of the model a little.

The provenance behind these schematics is a little unclear, besides that they supposedly stem from a source in China. We’re not sure if they’re anything official, or maybe something derived from official measurements.

According to the documents, the iPad Mini will measure just 7.3 millimeters thick. That’s a good deal thinner than both the 9.3mm iPhone 4S and the 9.4mm iPad 3. For comparison’s sake, the Nexus 7 seems almost chunky at 10.45mm.

Though the figure for the screen’s size isn’t given here, measuring the images works out to around 7.87 inches, right in line with what we’ve been hearing. That’s also just about the same figure for the tablet’s height, and it should be just over 5.3 inches wide.

Source: Think iOS
Via: iClarified

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