If you want a colorful Apple product, you’re out of luck unless you’re springing for an iPod. Fortunately, if you have an iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, you can change the color of your device with an¬†aftermarket¬†anodization process. I recently sent my black iPad Mini to the folks at Anostyle to get my Mini colored bronze, which is a nice orangy-copperish-brown. The result is impressive: their by-hand anodization process ensures that your iPad Mine or iPhone 5 comes back looking like it came from the factory with the new color. The way it works is that you order through Anostyle’s website (where you can pick from blue, green, pink, yellow, red, bronze, copper, gold, and more). Then you’ll send in your device, and within two weeks, you’ll get it back.

As mentioned in the video, there are two downsides to doing this. First, it voids your warranty. Second, it’s pricey at $299 for the iPad Mini and $249 for the iPhone 5.

So is it worth it? That depends. The resulting finish is high quality (it seems to be more scratch-resistant the the factory finish), eye-catching, and damn cool; plus, it’ll make your iPad Mini or iPhone 5 truly different from what is out there. If you don’t use a case (you won’t want to cover up the new color!) and you have the cash, this is a great way to add beauty to your iPad Mini or iPhone 5.

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