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Apple announced its all-new flashy iPhone 13 series and iPad mini 6 earlier this week. Both the devices are powered by Apple’s latest (and greatest) A15 Bionic and even though the devices aren’t out yet, the devices have made an appearance at the Geekbench benchmark test. According to the benchmark results, the A15 Bionic chip inside the iPad mini 6 is downclocked to 2.9GHz, compared to 3.2GHz in all iPhone 13 models.

However, it doesn’t affect the iPad mini 6 a lot. The iPad mini 6 sees a 2-8% impact on the performance in comparison to iPhone 13 models. For reference, iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models showed up on Geekbench yesterday showcasing their powerful GPU and CPU cores. The new iPad mini has average single-core and multi-core scores of around 1,595 and 4,540, compared to average scores of around 1,730 and 4,660 for the iPhone 13 Pro.

In addition to the slightly underclocked processor, the new iPad Mini doesn’t support mmWave 5G, according to a report from Six Colors.

    iPad mini 6
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    Even though users are unlikely to experience any differences in day-to-day performance, it’s unclear why Apple has downclocked the A15 chip in the iPad mini 6. Despite having an underclocked chip, the new iPad mini is up to 40% faster in single-core performance and up to 70% faster in multi-core performance compared to the previous-generation iPad mini with an A12 chip.

    The new iPad mini is available to order right now. You can buy one using the link given above. All the iPhone 13 models will be available for pre-order later today. Here’s how you can pre-order the iPhone 13 using a one-click process.

    Via: MacRumors, Six Colors

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