The idea of an iPad mini 2 seemed so simple: take the first iPad mini we like so much, then give it a higher-resolution Retina-quality display, and maybe bump it up to Apple’s SoC du jour. Then just a few weeks ago we got tossed a bit of a curve ball, with a new rumor claiming that a display upgrade wasn’t necessarily a key part of the mini 2 – that is, while we might get a tablet just like we were expecting, there could also be a new iPad mini that doesn’t get a Retina screen. Sure enough, we’re back in that neighborhood today, upon the discovery of some iOS 7 files that might just point to a new iPad mini with the same old resolution.

These system files point to three new devices, codenamed J75, J76, and J77. All three appear to be running A6 chips, like in the current iPhone 5 (though not A6Xs, like in the latest full-sized iPad). The trio also lacks the sort of references that we’d expect to be present for devices with a Retina-resolution display, suggesting that these three could be the WiFi and assorted cell-enabled version of that rumored non-high-res iPad mini 2.

For what it’s worth, the iPad mini 2 with an upgraded display will likely be Apple’s codename J85. There’s also no certainty that just because Apple might be testing this presumably budget-priced mini 2 variant, that it actually will go through with its release. For now, the iPad mini 2 story is still very much open-ended.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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