Nokia’s not the only company with big news this week; far from it. Tomorrow, we’re also looking forward to Apple letting loose with its own latest hardware, and all indications point to it announcing a new iPad and a new iPad mini. We’ve been back and forth with the hardware expected for these tablets more than a few times, and while we still have questions about hot that iPad mini 2 might arrive, the iPad 5, at least, has been seeming more certain. Well, that’s as far as the tablet itself goes, but today a new rumor suggests that part of Apple’s news could focus on accessories, as well, and the iPad 5 could get a keyboard cover of its own.

The report comes courtesy of a former Apple employee, who claims that such a device has been in development for the full-sized iPad – not the mini. Specifically, he says it resembles the Touch Cover from Surface tablets, which sounds like we’re talking about buttons with capacitive sensing, rather than mechanical, moving keys.

We’re curious just how this would attach, and if might be as easily removable as on the Surface, or if it might be designed to be left in place.

To be fair, the source makes it clear that just because Apple’s been working on this doesn’t mean it intends to actually release it, and the project very well may have been scrapped. On the other hand, he also mentions the possibility for additional “cover like accessories,” so we might just get even more than we bargained for.

Source: Jamie Ryan
Via: Mobile Burn

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