Apple hasn’t found the success it’s been looking for with its iPad lineup. These are still the best selling tablets in the world, but they’ve failed to meet Apple’s sales expectations over the last couple of quarters. The company is faced with a tough challenge this year in finding ways to differentiate its beloved tablet, and rumors point to how the company plans to do so.

Reports claim that Apple will include a new “anti-reflection coating” in order to give users a better reading experience. Amazon has been mocking the iPad through its ads for years because of how cumbersome it is to read anything on an iPad over broad daylight when compared to a Kindle, and in a way, Amazon is right. The report doesn’t mention if this coating is part of any sapphire or corning display technology, so that mystery continues. What we do hear most lately is that these iPads will include some minor design changes, Touch ID and a faster processor.

Apple’s iPad lineup is rumored for a launch very son, probably a month after the rumored iPhone 6 launch. Hopefully Apple also includes ways to make this tablet more productive, as people continue to lose interest in a content consumption tablet.

Source: Bloomberg

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