It’s nearly time for Apple to introduce its latest hardware, and if the rumors about a possible September 9 event are to be believed, Apple could be prepping one pretty big set of announcements, bringing us not just its new iPhones but also new iPad hardware. But just which iPads might show up? Last month we checked out a rumor claiming that Apple wasn’t quite ready to give us an iPad Air 3, and that instead would be coming out with a new iPad mini and introducing the jumbo-sized iPad Pro. Well, we’re still not sure if the time is finally right for the fabled iPad Pro to make its debut, but a new rumor doubles-down on this no-iPad-Air-3 idea, claiming that Apple’s betting big on the iPad mini 4, instead.

Supposedly, Apple’s worried about tablet demand in general, and rather than saturating its offerings with too many new models, it instead plans to keep things conservative with little more than small improvements to iPad mini hardware. So say supply chain sources, apparently reflecting on a lack of component orders for a new standard-sized iPad.

More than helping to corroborate that earlier report, we wonder what this new rumor could mean for the fate of the iPad Pro; if an iPad Air 3 might be a tough sell in the current tablet climate, we’d imagine an even larger iPad would face many of the same challenges, if not greater ones. Could that mean that the only new iPad tablet this fall is the iPad mini 4? We might just have a chance at finding out in less than four weeks out.

Source: DigiTimes
Via: Cult of Mac

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