Some iPad Air 2 owners report major iOS 9.3 issues, no word on incoming fix

You’d think that a record seven beta test builds should be enough to iron out all the kinks of even the glitchiest mobile OS in the world, but instead of making operations faster and smoother on older iPads, the just-launched iOS 9.3 appears to be bricking them.

Not all of them, obviously, but plenty to flood Apple’s Support Communities portal, as well as the company’s customer service Twitter feed and various comments sections of fan-dedicated blogs and websites with vexing complaints.

The bugs seem most common though not exclusive to 2014-released iPad Air 2 units, which are clearly technically inferior to new 9.7-inch Pros. Still, they should be supported no problem, as should original Airs, despite them being recently discontinued.

A couple of different workarounds eliminated the system flaw for different users, but some are stuck with iOS 9.3-powered “bricks” that refuse to get activated following the installation of the Night Shift-containing goodie pack.

Apple is yet to address the issue, either by fixing it or even publicly acknowledging it exists. It’s entirely possible an iOS 9.3.1 update is already in the pipeline, but in the meantime, if you’re having trouble activating your aging iPad, try to do it in iTunes after connecting the device to a computer or performing a full restore, as long as your precious data is backed up.

Sources: Cnet, AppleInsider

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