What’s going to happen at WWDC 2013? Sure, iOS 7 is a given, but beyond that there’s a whole lot less certainty. New services sound possible, but actual new hardware is a tougher proposition to push. Sure, rumors have been all over the place, with everything from new iPhones, to a new iPad, iPad mini, or even an iWatch suggested as possibilities, but how much of that stuff might be ready to launch so soon? One case maker sounds pretty convinced that a new iPad will be on the menu, and has some new cases ready to ship next week.

Hard Candy Cases has two protective shells for the “iPad 5” up on its site, each with a ship date of next Wednesday, June 12.

We know that case manufacturers sometimes seem to find access to measurements of Apple gear in advance, letting them prepare cases for a product launch and getting an advantage on competitors. This time, though, we’re not so sure Hard Candy Cases really has any insider connection.

The site states, “we’re pretty confident these cases will fit. If for some reason they don’t, we’ll replace the case at no charge.” That could easily be nothing more than guesswork, playing with the idea of an iPad 5 with bezels that more closely resemble the layout of the iPad mini. Then again, banking on a release next week does seem to imply some sort of source close to Apple, so who knows?

Frankly, it’s tough to say how likely an iPad 5 announcement might be. Our gut’s not calling it a very strong possibility, as we’d heard that production was still in the early stages.

Source: Hard Candy Cases
Via: phoneArena

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