If the rumors haven’t led us astray, Apple could be just one week away from announcing its new iPad models. Despite some last-minute questions about the new iPad mini, it’s seemed like we’ve pretty much known what to expect from this pair – at least, with one big unknown: would Apple give its new tablets the same Touch ID fingerprint sensor seen on the iPhone 5S? There’s been plenty of circumstantial evidence, as well as reports from industry sources, and though we’ve had an idea of what to expect, have lacked confirmation. That may just arrive today, upon the publication of an image seemingly showing the sensor in place on an iPad 5.

While somebody forgot to adjust the focus here, we can still see enough to make out that same boundary ring and unmarked button surface as we see on the iPhone 5S.

Then again, just because this looks like the 5S Touch ID sensor on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean that all the same fingerprint-scanning hardware is present under the hood, but considering the evidence that has turned up pointing to a redesigned ribbon cable for connecting to the home button, we’d say that the chances of full-on Touch ID for the iPad 5 are definitely looking up.

Source: CTechCN
Via: BGR

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