Check Out Which iOS 6 Features Are Available In Your Region

The iPhone 5 is not the only new buzz-word; iOS 6 is the platform powering it and, while some love it, others prefer iOS 5, even our resident “iPhone guy”, Jaime Rivera. The next version of iOS 6, landing on September 19, contains a lot of features but unfortunately not all of them are available in all regions.

If you head over to the source link below you will land on an official Apple page which describe features and their availability, by region. Obviously U.S. users will receive the entire package with all features and functionalities available. People living in other countries where the iPhone 5 will officially sell will see one, two or more bits not working (limitations to Siri, Maps, etc.). As an example, here in Romania, where I’m based, I’ll not be able to use traffic and 3D buildings in navigation, local search, business listings, Siri sports, and so on. Make sure you check it out so that you know what to expect!

Source: Apple

Via: Electronista


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