Think iOS is safer than Android? Think again, says new mobile app security report

Ice is cold, the sky is blue, Donald Trump will never win a meaningful election in his life, and due to its open nature, the Android ecosystem is far more vulnerable to various security exploits than iOS or Windows Phone.

It’s wise to question everything, yet the above feel like certain facts for most of you, despite numerous arguments supplied against Android’s so-called malware problem. Of course, that was before the Stagefright bugs came to light, and as committed as Google seems to rolling out frequent maintenance updates, you remain convinced the closed iOS app development process is simply safer.

You even have white hat hackers confirming your strong beliefs, but what about those two recent cyber-attacks on Apple’s “locked” platform and its only authorized App Store? Furthermore, upon close inspection of hundreds of popular applications available for iPhones and Android handhelds, software vendors Checkmarx and AppSec Labs discovered a larger chunk of critical or severe issues on the former.

Specifically, around 40 percent of all iOS vulnerabilities were found potentially devastating for system stability and sensitive data protection, whereas 36 percent of Android exposures to infiltrators are reportedly critical or of high severity.

Clearly, the gap isn’t massive, the research probably not conclusive, and its findings unlikely to put Google fans completely at ease. The principal takeaway should be devs need to pay more attention to cryptography regardless of the OS, including when working on “major banking applications”, which are often deemed essentially as hazardous as many games. And that iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Tizen users can all agree it’s unacceptable.

Source: Checkmarx
Via: CSO Online, Phonearena

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