Whether you like Apple’s own mapping offering on iOS 6 or you hate it there is no doubt at this moment that there is a perception of inferiority when compared to the old Google Maps on previous iterations of iOS. Google executives didn’t explicitly confirm nor deny plans for a native iOS 6 Maps application but commented that, even if there will be such an app, Apple would have to approve it anyways.

The images above and below seem to be snapped following the instructions in “Mr. Blurrycam’s Guide to Photography” to the letter. They’re allegedly snapped off of a very early alpha version of a purportedly upcoming native Google Maps app for iOS. The information attached to the images seems to not only hint support for the iPhone 5’s larger display and resolution but also indicate a possible vector-based solution. It is also reportedly “super fast” and features “two-finger rotation to any angle”.

When Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps he also urged users to try out alternative map offerings from competitors until Apple’s own solution becomes what it was intended to (and for which the teams are reportedly working non-stop). However, this doesn’t answer the question on whether Apple will approve a Google Maps app (like the YouTube app) in case Mountain View decided to make one after all.

Source: Ben Guild

Via: RedmondPie

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