When iOS 9 was announced, one of the major features mentioned was requiring less storage space available for software updates to work. If you remember, this was one of the biggest complaints with iOS 8, mainly because devices withh 8 or 16GB of storage would require nearly half of what was left available. As iOS 9 beta 2 emerges to developers, we learn of some new tricks up Apple’s sleeve.

For a moment we thought that iOS 9 would simply require less storage space available by design, but developers have shared that Apple also offers an additional walk around. What iOS 9 will do is offer those in need of storage the option of deleting certain apps temporarily, in order to allow the update to process. Once the update is finished, iOS 9 will then install the apps on your device one more time.

Obviously the main concern here is how reliable this service will be. iCloud is famous for being able to give you an exact clone of your phone’s back up when a restore is needed, but some of us have personally experienced loss of app data in the process. We’ll keep an eye on the reliability of the feature going forward.


Source: @kaleb_butt (Twitter)
Via: The Verge

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