One of the biggest news with the launch of iOS 9 is that Cupertino is offering the update to all devices that can currently run iOS 8. This is is a first for Apple, as the company usually drops a generation of devices with every software update. Those of you rocking an iPhone 4s and cheering over this might not necessarily enjoy everything that’ll happen with the update, and here’s why.

A new tool in iOS 9 allows developers to be selective about which architecture supports the applications they launch. For example, if a developer wants to launch a very powerful game, they could choose to only support the more powerful 64-bit processors and ditch 32-bit support all together. Obviously for the vast majority of apps this will not be a problem, but those of you relying on your iPhone or iPad for gaming should seriously consider a device update. This tool doesn’t limit developers of existing apps to push this limitation in their apps currently sold in the store.

Obviously we’ll have to wait for iOS 9 to launch in the fall for this to take effect, which means it’ll also happen at a time when new devices surface.

Via: 9to5Mac

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