Split View multitasking for all if you jailbreak your iOS 9 device

Apple introduced native multi-pane app tasking to iOS 9 before Android will. Right now, though, the feature’s availability is just about as limited as what you might see from a couple of OEMs’ Android devices — namely, Samsung, LG and Sony flagships. So, if you can’t see yourself with one of the latest iPads in order to get Split View, Picture-in-Picture and/or Slide Over, what can you do?

Well, if you’ve jailbroken your iOS 9 or above device (yes, iPads and iPhones alike), you can hop into Cydia and install Medusa.

As you can see, the potential’s all there for your iPhone 5s to multi-task like a pro. An iPad Pro, to be precise.

Picture-in-Picture for iPhones aren’t there just yet, but will get launched with an update.

To know grab Medusa and know exactly when that’ll happen, add to your Cydia repository list.

And who said jailbreaking’s dead?

Source: Redmond Pie

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